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JS memory/object leak makes browser to lag in rendering Zeppelin notebooks


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    • Affects Version/s: 0.7.2, 0.7.3, 0.8.0
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      From the Zeppelin users list:

      Mid-size notebooks lag in browser rendering / responding to simple navigation requests.
      I've seen many times that once notebooks grow up above a "small" size, rendering lags can happen. Running latest Chrome with a decent Intel i7 processor. For example, a notebook I am working on has around 35 paragraphs and is just 145kb note.json (there are no big data tables - nothhing crazy), starts lagging quite a bit which doesn't help with UX.

      Response from Paul Brenner:

      I experience this regularly.

      I have found that leaving these larger notebooks open in chrome can cause lag to grow worse over time. Sometimes I can bring lag back down to a manageable level by closing the tab completely and loading the notebook from a new tab. Clearing output does not seem to help, so like your colleagues I’ll sometimes resort to splitting to a separate notebook.

      Further observation:

      It's interesting you mentioned that restarting a tab helps.

      I just went to Chrome at it was showing that same Zeppelin tab consumes 2Gb+ of memory, 1Gb+ of which are JS objects. I tried to take a heap snapshot in Chrome devtools, but Chrome rendering engine crashed so had to restart that tab. After tab was restarted, that tab's heap consumption went down to just 82Mb - and it renders now without lags! It looks to me some sort of JS objects / JS memory leak.

      After I restarted tab and left it running for 12 hours, memory consumption of the Tab went up to 400Mb, 122Mb of which are JS related:

      It may take a few days to go back to 2Gb/1Gb as it was before.

      Also see attached JS memory allocations in a ~10-minute time span:

      1. ChromeTabHeapDump.GIF
        48 kB
        Ruslan Dautkhanov
      2. ZeppelinJSTabMemAllocsIn10minutes.GIF
        83 kB
        Ruslan Dautkhanov


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