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List all available Helium packages under zeppelin.apache.org

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      After #1842 merged, we can load Helium packages placed under local helium repo (ZEPPELIN_HOME/helium) and enable/disable them via Zeppelin GUI. Additionally anyone can create his/her own “VISUALIZATION” pkg as described in Writing a new Visualization and publish it to npm registry. So it’ll be nice if we can see all available Zeppelin visualization pkg list and select to use other ppl's.

      The place can be zeppelin.apache.org to provide this info.

      To do this, we can retrieve npm pkgs only having `zeppelin-vis` as dependency, download and save somewhere as central repo. So I would suggest to using AWS Lambda for fetching registered Helium pkg info periodically and probably also we need to convert npm’s package.json -> helium-application.json. Then this changed json files can be saved S3.This S3 storage can be used for Helium default repo in the near future. (Currently user needs to create ZEPPELIN_HOME/helium local repo and place the helium json files manually.) Then as long as the pkg published in npm registry the all available VISUALIZATION type of pkgs can be listed in Zeppelin GUI as well.

      Other issue
      But to use AWS service, surely we need an account. So for the continous managing, I’d suggest most of Zeppelin PMC’s account like Spark tutorial bank.csv file does. (Whenever we can change this if it can be a problem)

      tl;dr please see the attached image




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