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Zombie Interpreter processes

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      When we restart Zeppelin server (main process), in many cases, Interpreter
      process keeps running, essential becoming a zombie processes.

      In case of Spark interpreter, it also holds SparkContext - consuming server-side resources too.

      As discussed in users@ and dev@ mailing lists, other users have confirmed this problem too.
      Please see [Interpreter zombie processes|http://apache-zeppelin-users-incubating-mailing-list.75479.x6.nabble.com/Interpreter-zombie-processes-td4738.html.

      [~luciano resende]

      I have also seen similar issues even using zeppelin-ddeamon but didn't have much time to investigate the issue when it was happening to me.

      Jeff Zhang

      I believe I see this before too.

      Alexander Bezzubov

      Have similar experience, although hard to say what's the reason as all process supposed to killed, as Moon pointed out.
      Also noticed that with `mvn tests`, after almost every run, there are 1-2 zombie RemoteInterpreter processes hanging around.

      @ blaubaer <rene.pfitzner@nzz.ch>

      We are seeing this problem as well, regularly actually. Especially in
      situations when we have many concurrent interpreters running.

      How to reproduce
      1. Start Zeppelin
      2. Run a paragraph \w any interpreters -> RemoteInterpreterServer process will be shown up (check by ps -ef | grep RemoteInterpreterServer)
      3. Stop Zeppelin
      4. check ps -ef | grep RemoteInterpreterServer again


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