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DelayedProcessKiller is executed for Docker containers even though docker stop sends a KILL signal after the specified grace period



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      DockerStopCommand adds a grace period of 10 seconds.

      10 seconds is also the default grace time use by docker stop

      Documentation of the docker stop:

      the main process inside the container will receive SIGTERM, and after a grace period, SIGKILL.

      There is a DelayedProcessKiller in ContainerExcecutor which executes for all containers after a delay when sleepDelayBeforeSigKill>0. By default this is set to 250 milliseconds and so irrespective of the container type, it will always get executed.

      For a docker container, docker stop takes care of sending a SIGKILL after the grace period

      • when sleepDelayBeforeSigKill > 10 seconds, then there is no point of executing DelayedProcessKiller
      • when sleepDelayBeforeSigKill < 1 second, then the grace period should be the smallest value, which is 1 second, because anyways we are forcing kill after 250 ms


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