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[Umbrella] MaWo - A Master Worker framework on top of YARN Services



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      There is a need for an application / framework to handle Master-Worker scenarios. There are existing frameworks on YARN which can be used to run a job in distributed manner such as Mapreduce, Tez, Spark etc. But master-worker use-cases usually are force-fed into one of these existing frameworks which have been designed primarily around data-parallelism instead of generic Master Worker type of computations.

      In this JIRA, we’d like to contribute MaWo - a YARN Service based framework that achieves this goal. The overall goal is to create an app that can take an input job specification with tasks, their durations and have a Master dish the tasks off to a predetermined set of workers. The components will be responsible for making sure that the tasks and the overall job finish in specific time durations.

      We have been using a version of the MaWo framework for running unit tests of Hadoop in a parallel manner on an existing Hadoop YARN cluster. What typically takes 10 hours to run all of Hadoop project’s unit-tests can finish under 20 minutes on a MaWo app of about 50 containers!

      YARN-3307 was an original attempt at this but through a first-class YARN app. In this JIRA, we instead use YARN Service for orchestration so that our code can focus on the core Master Worker paradigm.


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