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YARN native service should support component restart policy



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      Existing native service assumes the service is long running and never finishes. Containers will be restarted even if exit code == 0.

      To support boarder use cases, we need to allow restart policy of component specified by users. Propose to have following policies:
      1) Always: containers always restarted by framework regardless of container exit status. This is existing/default behavior.
      2) Never: Do not restart containers in any cases after container finishes: To support job-like workload (for example Tensorflow training job). If a task exit with code == 0, we should not restart the task. This can be used by services which is not restart/recovery-able.
      3) On-failure: Similar to above, only restart task with exitcode != 0.

      Behaviors after component instance finalize (Succeeded or Failed when restart_policy != ALWAYS):
      1) For single component, single instance: complete service.
      2) For single component, multiple instance: other running instances from the same component won't be affected by the finalized component instance. Service will be terminated once all instances finalized.
      3) For multiple components: Service will be terminated once all components finalized.


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