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      Symptom: after RM rolls over the master key for AMRMToken, whenever the RPC connection from FederationInterceptor to RM breaks due to transient network issue and reconnects, heartbeat to RM starts failing because of the “Invalid AMRMToken” exception. Whenever it hits, it happens for both home RM and secondary RMs.

      Related facts:
      1. When RM issues a new AMRMToken, it always send with service name field as empty string. RPC layer in AM side will set it properly before start using it.
      2. UGI keeps all tokens using a map from serviceName->Token. Initially AMRMClientUtils.createRMProxy() is used to load the first token and start the RM connection.
      3. When RM renew the token, YarnServerSecurityUtils.updateAMRMToken() is used to load it into UGI and replace the existing token (with the same serviceName key).

      The bug is that 2-AMRMClientUtils.createRMProxy() and 3-YarnServerSecurityUtils.updateAMRMToken() is not handling the sequence consistently. We always need to load the token (with empty service name) into UGI first before we set the serviceName, so that the previous AMRMToken will be overridden. But 2 is doing it reversely. That’s why after RM rolls the amrmToken, the UGI end up with two tokens. Whenever the RPC connection break and reconnect, the wrong token could be picked and thus trigger the exception.

      Should load the AMRMToken into UGI first and then update the service name field for RPC


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