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Retrospect Resource Profile Behavior for overriding capability



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      Had discussions with templedf, vvasudev, sunilg offline. There're a couple of resource profile related behaviors might need to be updated:

      1) Configure resource profile in server side or client side:

      Currently resource profile can be only configured centrally:

      • Advantages:
        A given resource profile has a the same meaning in the cluster. It won’t change when we run different apps in different configurations. A job can run under Amazon’s G2.8X can also run on YARN with G2.8X profile. A side benefit is YARN scheduler can potentially do better bin packing.
      • Disadvantages:
        Hard for applications to add their own resource profiles.

      2) Do we really need mandatory resource profiles such as minimum/maximum/default?

      3) Should we send resource profile name inside ResourceRequest, or should client/AM translate it to resource and set it to the existing resource fields?

      4) Related to above, should we allow resource overrides or client/AM should send final resource to RM?


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