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add ability in Fair Scheduler to configure whether disable a queue



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      In a production environment, emergency situations (such as the need to calculate the important reports) as soon as possible we need to disable all other queues, only allows the RM 's resources assigned to emergency queue and other queue only at the end of the urgent tasks before allowing them to be scheduled properly.
      At present, our approach is to write a script, in the case of an emergency manual changes all other queues' minResources *and *maxResources * to *0mb, 0vcores and then rebase it.This is very troublesome and easy to make mistakes.

      So we need to add a configuration in the FairScheduler configuration to indicate whether the queue is disabled, and if it is disabled, then *RM *will not allocate resources to the queue.

      • The child queue will integrate this property of the parent queue.
      • If the child queue is configured with this property, the value of the child queue configuration overrides the attributes of the parent queue.
      • The default value of the root queue is enabled.

      This will satisfy our needs, and I think other users will encounter such a scenario.I think this is very applicable to everyone.


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