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Release all containers aynchronously



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      We have noticed in production two situations that can cause deadlocks and cause scheduling of new containers to come to a halt, especially with regard to applications that have a lot of live containers:

      1. When these applicaitons release these containers in bulk.
      2. When these applications terminate abruptly due to some failure, the scheduler releases all its live containers in a loop.

      To handle the issues mentioned above, we have a patch in production to make sure ALL container releases happen asynchronously - and it has served us well.

      Opening this JIRA to gather feedback on if this is a good idea generally (cc Wangda Tan, Jason Darrell Lowe, Carlo Curino, Karthik Kambatla, Subramaniam Krishnan, Roni Burd)

      BTW, In YARN-6251, we already have an asyncReleaseContainer() in the AbstractYarnScheduler and a corresponding scheduler event, which is currently used specifically for the container-update code paths (where the scheduler realeases temp containers which it creates for the update)


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