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Start using NMTokens to authenticate all communication with NM



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      AM uses the NMToken to authenticate all the AM-NM communication.
      NM will validate NMToken in below manner

      • If NMToken is using current or previous master key then the NMToken is valid. In this case it will update its cache with this key corresponding to appId.
      • If NMToken is using the master key which is present in NM's cache corresponding to AM's appId then it will be validated based on this.
      • If NMToken is invalid then NM will reject AM calls.

      Modification for ContainerToken

      • At present RPC validates AM-NM communication based on ContainerToken. It will be replaced with NMToken. Also now onwards AM will use NMToken per NM (replacing earlier behavior of ContainerToken per container per NM).
      • startContainer in case of Secured environment is using ContainerToken from UGI YARN-617; however after this it will use it from the payload (Container).
      • ContainerToken will exist and it will only be used to validate the AM's container start request.


        1. YARN-694-20130613.patch
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          Omkar Vinit Joshi
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        5. YARN-694-20130618.1.patch
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          Omkar Vinit Joshi
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        10. YARN-694-20130618.patch.branch-2
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          Omkar Vinit Joshi
        11. YARN-694-20130618.patch.yarn-694-branch-2.1-beta
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          Omkar Vinit Joshi

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