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[Atsv2] Reader side changes for entity prefix and support for pagination via additional filters



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      TimelineReader REST API's provides lot of filters to retrieve the applications. Along with those, it would be good to add new filter i.e fromId so that entities can be retrieved after the fromId.

      Current Behavior : Default limit is set to 100. If there are 1000 entities then REST call gives first/last 100 entities. How to retrieve next set of 100 entities i.e 101 to 200 OR 900 to 801?
      Example : If applications are stored database, app-1 app-2 ... app-10.
      getApps?limit=5 gives app-1 to app-5. But to retrieve next 5 apps, there is no way to achieve this.

      So proposal is to have fromId in the filter like getApps?limit=5&&fromId=app-5 which gives list of apps from app-6 to app-10.

      Since ATS is targeting large number of entities storage, it is very common use case to get next set of entities using fromId rather than querying all the entites. This is very useful for pagination in web UI.


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