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MiniYARNCluster: When container executor script fails to launch App Master, NM logs error, but Client doesn't get signaled to kill the job



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      I have been porting Giraph to YARN (GIRAPH-13 is the issue) and when I launch my App Master, if the container command line runs it successfully, any failure in the App Master or my launched Giraph Tasks promptly reports to Client and ends my job run. However, if the command line sent to the app master container fails to launch it at all, the error exit code is not propagating. My client hangs with the job at containersUsed == 1 and state == ACCEPTED for as long as you want to sit and wait before CTRL-C'ing your way out.

      Disclaimer: this could be my fault. But I wanted to throw it out there in case its not. I also (when this happens) not getting error logs since the app master never launched, so I really have no visibility into why it failed to launch. I am sure its not launching, but the client IS sending the app request, getting a container for my AM, and I see the command line run on the container in my logs. Thats all.

      Thanks! If this is a dup or "won't fix" for some reason, let me know and sorry for wasting your time!




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