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Graceful queue capacity reclaim without KilledTaskAttempts




      Request to allow graceful reclaim of queue resources by waiting until running containers finish naturally rather than killing them.

      For example if you were to dynamically reconfigure Yarn queue capacity/maximum-capacity decreasing one queue, then containers in that queue start getting killed (and pre-emption is not configured on this cluster) - instead of containers being allowed to finish naturally and just having those freed resources no longer be available for new tasks of that job.

      This is relevant if there are non-idempotent changes being done by a task that can cause issues if the task is half competed and then run task killed and re-run from the beginning later. For example I bulk index to Elasticsearch with uniquely generated IDs since the source data doesn't have any key or even compound key that is unique. This means if a task sends half it's data and then is killed and starts again it introduces a large number of duplicates into the ES index without any mechanism to dedupe later other than rebuilding the entire index from scratch which is hundreds of millions of docs multiplied by many many indices.

      I appreciate this is a serious request and could cause problems with long running services never returning their resources... so there needs to be some kind of interaction of variables or similar to separate the indefinitely running tasks for long lived services from the finite-runtime analytic job tasks with some sort of time-based safety cut off.




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