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      NodeLabel operations in RMAdmin CLI get missing in help command when I am debugging YARN-313, we should add them on as other cmds:

      yarn rmadmin [-refreshQueues] [-refreshNodes] [-refreshResources] [-refreshSuperUserGroupsConfiguration] [-refreshUserToGroupsMappings] [-refreshAdminAcls] [-refreshServiceAcl] [-getGroup [username]] [-updateNodeResource [NodeID] [MemSize] [vCores] ([OvercommitTimeout]) [-help [cmd]]
         -refreshQueues: Reload the queues' acls, states and scheduler specific properties.
                      ResourceManager will reload the mapred-queues configuration file.
         -refreshNodes: Refresh the hosts information at the ResourceManager.
         -refreshResources: Refresh resources of NodeManagers at the ResourceManager.
         -refreshSuperUserGroupsConfiguration: Refresh superuser proxy groups mappings
         -refreshUserToGroupsMappings: Refresh user-to-groups mappings
         -refreshAdminAcls: Refresh acls for administration of ResourceManager
         -refreshServiceAcl: Reload the service-level authorization policy file.
                      ResoureceManager will reload the authorization policy file.
         -getGroups [username]: Get the groups which given user belongs to.
         -updateNodeResource [NodeID] [MemSize] [vCores] ([OvercommitTimeout]): Update resource on specific node.
         -help [cmd]: Displays help for the given command or all commands if none is specified.
         -addToClusterNodeLabels [label1,label2,label3] (label splitted by ","): add to cluster node labels
         -removeFromClusterNodeLabels [label1,label2,label3] (label splitted by ","): remove from cluster node labels
         -replaceLabelsOnNode [node1:port,label1,label2 node2:port,label1,label2]: replace labels on nodes
         -directlyAccessNodeLabelStore: Directly access node label store, with this option, all node label related operations will not connect RM. Instead, they will access/modify stored node labels directly. By default, it is false (access via RM). AND PLEASE NOTE: if you configured yarn.node-labels.fs-store.root-dir to a local directory (instead of NFS or HDFS), this option will only work when the command run on the machine where RM is running.


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