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Unable to get AMRMToken in unmanaged AM when using a secure cluster




      An AMRMToken is retrieved from the ApplicationReport by the YarnClient.
      When the RM creates the ApplicationReport and sends it back to the client it makes a simple security check whether it should include the AMRMToken in the report (See createAndGetApplicationReport in RMAppImpl).This security check verifies that the user who submitted the original application is the same user who is requesting the ApplicationReport. If they are indeed the same user then it includes the AMRMToken, otherwise it does not include it.

      The problem arises from the fact that when an application is submitted, the RM saves the short username of the user who created the application (See submitApplication in ClientRmService). Afterwards when the ApplicationReport is requested, the system tries to match the full username of the requester against the previously stored short username.

      In a secure cluster using Kerberos this check fails because the principle is stripped from the username when we request a short username. So for example the short username might be "Foo" whereas the full username is "Foo@Company.com"

      Note: A very similar problem has been previously reported (Yarn-2232)


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