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Respect labels in preemption policy of capacity scheduler for inter-queue preemption



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      There're 3 stages in ProportionalCapacityPreemptionPolicy,

      1. Recursively calculate ideal_assigned for queue. This is depends on available resource, resource used/pending in each queue and guaranteed capacity of each queue.
      2. Mark to-be preempted containers: For each over-satisfied queue, it will mark some containers will be preempted.
      3. Notify scheduler about to-be preempted container.

      We need respect labels in the cluster for both #1 and #2:
      For #1, when calculating ideal_assigned for each queue, we need get by-partition-ideal-assigned according to queue's guaranteed/maximum/used/pending resource on specific partition.
      For #2, when we make decision about whether we need preempt a container, we need make sure, resource this container is possibly usable by a queue which is under-satisfied and has pending resource.

      In addition, we need to handle ignore_partition_exclusivity case, when we need to preempt containers from a queue's partition, we will first preempt ignore_partition_exclusivity allocated containers.


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