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Add CLI to list rows of <task attempt ID, container ID, host of container, state of container>



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      As more applications are moved to YARN, we need generic CLI to list rows of <task attempt ID, container ID, host of container, state of container>. Today if YARN application running in a container does hang, there is no way to find out more info because a user does not know where each attempt is running in.

      For each running application, it is useful to differentiate between running/succeeded/failed/killed containers.

      proposed yarn cli
      $ yarn application -list-containers -applicationId <appId> [-containerState <state of container>]
      where containerState is optional filter to list container in given state only.
      <container state> can be running/succeeded/killed/failed/all.
      A user can specify more than one container state at once e.g. KILLED,FAILED.
      <task attempt ID> <container ID> <host of container> <state of container> 

      CLI should work with running application/completed application. If a container runs many task attempts, all attempts should be shown. That will likely be the case of Tez container-reuse application.


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