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Would like to have methods to get/set fundamental types as Java wrapper objects e.g. java.lang.Long



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      For getters/setters which take/return fundamental types (e.g. long) user would like to generate the Wrapper types (e.g. java.lang.Long). See mail below.

      > ----Original Message----
      > From: Ramona Krickan ramona.krickan@zooplus.de
      > Sent: Friday, April 07, 2006 2:01 AM
      > To: dev@xmlbeans.apache.org
      > Subject: AW: Wrapper classes instead of primitive types in the Generated
      > classes
      > Hello Lawrence,
      > thank you very much for your help. It helped me understand the basic
      > concept
      > - why you are using XmlLong and the other classes.
      > But what I didn't really understand is why you don't use java.lang.Long
      > for
      > convenience, but the primitive type long.
      > My Problem is the following:
      > I am working with ibatis (ORM-Tool). For this tool I write xml-mapping
      > files, so called sql-maps, where I specify a class with its properties.
      > So when I query my Database, ibatis looks at this mapping file and then
      > searches for the specified class. When it found the class it creates an
      > instance and fills in the propertys with the help of the getter and setter
      > methods.
      > The problem is that the ORM-Tools work with the Wrapper classes because
      > there a null is possible. If for example a database identifier has null as
      > its value, the ORM-Tool knows that it still has to save this Object to the
      > database, if the value is not null, but for example 0, then the ORM-Tool
      > thinks that the Object is already persistent.
      > Because there are so many classes we just need once, we want to have them
      > generated from XmlBeans.
      > Because of this Problem, neither the primitive type nor the Xml... classes
      > work for us.
      > To solve this problem for us, I have changed the source code a bit, but
      > that
      > isn't a really code solution because with each new release from XmlBeans,
      > we
      > have to adjust the code again.
      > A nice solution for this specific problem we found with JAXB. There you
      > can
      > specify user definded type within annotations. Is there a plan to
      > implement
      > this feature in XmlBeans? Or is there anything that speaks against it? If
      > there is nothing that speaks against it, I would like to implement the
      > JAXB
      > Standard of specifying user defined types in XmlBeans, but for doing that
      > I
      > need help.
      > I hope I could clearly state my problem and you can help me.
      > Greetings,
      > Ramona




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