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Validation against asserts (1.1) is slow and takes up a lot of memory for larger files.



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      The validation of xml against asserts in XMLSchema 1.1 is slow and takes up a lot of memory for larger xml files. I have created a simple test xml file with lots of repetition and a corresponding xml schema to show the problem.

      It takes 20 sec. to validate the xml against the xml schema. When i remove the asserts in the xml schema it takes just 1 second to validate. Testing was done from the command prompt on a modern Windows machine with 8GByte memory.

      To compare, i have also validated the xml file against the xml schema in XMLSpy. With asserts it takes 2 sec., without the asserts 1 sec. (XMLSpy does not uses Xerces.)



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        2. new_prob_mukul.xml
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          Mukul Gandhi
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        4. NEW_PROBLEM.xml
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        6. PROBLEM.xml
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