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Xalan-C++ V1.11 User Guide - Web Pages Review



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      Standard XSLT Replacement for Apache StyleBook Java

      The attached files are for review and comment only. They are not yet
      ready for commitment into the trunk SVN for xalan-c. I monitor the
      xalan-dev@xml.apache.org mail list.

      I have successfully created new web pages for the Xalan-C++ User Guide.
      There is no Java runtime or Javascript requirement. All transformation
      is performed using standard XSLT command-line transformation utility.

      I currently use a stylesheet transformation based on the xalan command-line
      runtime. See the attached: README.txt file.

      The edited sources and stylesheets for creating the new web pages
      for the Xalan-C++ v1.11 User Guide are in the attached:
      xalan-1-11-uguide.zip file.

      TO DO:

      Resolve the broken linkages
      Resolve the version packaging information
      Prepare an updated product revision history
      Correct known errors and omissions


        1. bin-win32-20110902.zip
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        2. Build-Libs-20110707.zip
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        3. build-xalan-docs-20110902.zip
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        4. README.txt
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        5. readme-20110902.txt
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        6. UserGuide-html-20110706.zip
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        7. UsrGuide-20110726.zip
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        8. UsrGuide-20110810.zip
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        9. xalan-1-11-uguide.zip
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        10. xalan-web-20111026.zip
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        11. xdocs-xalan-docs-20110902.zip
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