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Union of Namespaces not working correctly



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      Somewhere in the recent changes something has changed that
      has exposed a small bug with Namespaces and pointed out
      a second potential problem where namespace searches appear
      to use nodes from parent elements even though the particular
      namespace prefix has already been defined lower down in the

      The small bug is that unions of Namespaces don't appear to
      always work correctly :

      z.xml :

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <foo:Root xmlns:bar="http://example.org/bar" xmlns:foo="http://example.org/foo">
      <bar:Something xmlns:bar="http://example.org/bar"

      Using XPathWrapper from Oct 21 interim release:

      berin@zeus:bin$ ./XPathWrapper /tmp/z.xml
      /foo:Root/bar:Something/namespace::bar[1] "parent::node()/namespace::* |
      the result set has 5 strings
      item 1= "http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace"
      item 2= "http://example.org/bar"
      item 3= "http://example.org/foo"
      item 4= "http://example.org/bar"
      item 5= "http://example.org/foo"

      Using XPathWrapper from CVS (roughly 5 days old)

      ./XPathWrapper /tmp/z.xml /foo:Root/bar:Something/namespace::bar[1]
      "parent::node()/namespace::* | self::node()"
      the result set has 6 strings
      item 1= "http://example.org/bar"
      item 2= "http://example.org/foo"
      item 3= "http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace"
      item 4= "http://example.org/bar"
      item 5= "http://example.org/foo"
      item 6= "http://example.org/bar"

      In the newer code, the union is not working correctly,
      and xmlns:bar is re-added to the node-set.

      The findNamespace functions sets the subQueryResult as
      in document order, so the union function takes some
      shortcuts, sees that the final node in the list is "lesser" than
      the node being added so just adds it. In fact, findNamespace
      is not returning nodes in document order, so the shortcut
      is incorrect.

      Have attached a patch that fixed the problem on my system
      by re-ordering the findNamespace loops to put the
      nodes in document order correctly.

      The other problem is that I don't think (I could be
      wrong?) that all these namespaces should be returned.

      For example, the conext node expression I use above
      returns two nodes, and it should return 1 (thus the
      [1] expression to select the first found).

      According to the XPath standard an element has

      "a namespace node:

      • for every attribute on the element whose name starts
        with xmlns:;
      • for every attribute on an ancestor element whose name
        starts with xmlns: _unless the element itself or a
        nearer ancestor redeclares the prefix_;


      (emphasis mine).

      So for the expression:


      only one node should ever be returned.

      Not too sure what the best solution would be if my
      interpretation is correct. Could :

      • Search the subQueryResult list for an existing
        element that defines the same prefix (inneficient
        for longer lists as the list is sorted in document
        order not in namespace order, so there is no way
        to shortcut in the search).
      • Create a temporary list sorted in namespace prefix
        order (with default at front) and then do a binary
        search to see if the prefix is defined.
      • Could use an existing namespace handling structure
        to insert the namespaces and then pull back those
        visible. (Had a quick look and couldn't see anythign
        that would map easily, but am not familiar enough with
        all the code.)




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