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Shows the 20 most recent commits for Struts 2.

Lukasz Lenart <> committed bbd4a9e8c567265c0eb376c0f8a3445f4d9a5fdf (1 file)
Reviews: none

WW-4792 Marks XWork constants as deprecated

Lukasz Lenart <> committed 8f75e1a19dfde5b55bb3265737d81c8bfa8ccb39 (2 files)
Lukasz Lenart <> committed 775d1c8c65e4207e0590b8d7bfb56f0423f89d90 (0 files)
Reviews: none

WW-3952 introduces credit card validator

Lukasz Lenart <> committed faf72b5a09ad8312a90b564971e6d679bbeda6cf (0 files)
Reviews: none

WW-4210 Adds support for defining converter via class instead of string

Lukasz Lenart <> committed 9eec07b310b4ac9e99342cfd632293acd2a45d8b (1 file)
Reviews: none

WW-3952 Adds client side validation support

Aleksandr Mashchenko <> committed d8284846db6d761ec456d6b495451efa684326ce (2 files)
Stefaan Dutry <> committed b465791dc2097b24991da4b61245278a7b48c88c (2 files)
Reviews: none

WW-4780 fixed logging in the struts2-portlet-plugin tests

Stefaan Dutry <> committed defaf43a4c27ca62b9ec8db5749ef4a6f80fc719 (3 files)
Lukasz Lenart <> committed a58452571c90314f8ed56301133a2a7f7ad1c67b (1 file)
Lukasz Lenart <> committed 47552bdb0673a88b0cd76cebc40f65477edd58d0 (1 file)
Reviews: none

WW-4210 Extends annotation to allow use class instead of string

Lukasz Lenart <> committed eb4fcb4afc79dac03f6ed0780211f98e72a09851 (1 file)
Lukasz Lenart <> committed 743d27f841ce990ed3153f569f890179bdbb6a37 (1 file)
Lukasz Lenart <> committed fc497360bee7084293749f712dec233eb219bbf4 (1 file)
Lukasz Lenart <> committed 01d710bdf3dace8cf964bcd32d0afe14cf251dc2 (1 file)