Component Lead Description
"New" API The proposed Struts 2 API to minimize the conceptual footprint of Struts 2
Annotations All Struts annotations
Build Management
Core Actions
Core Interceptors
Core Results
Core Tags
Dispatch Filter
Example Applications
Expression Language
Integration Migration support for other web frameworks such as Struts 1 and WebWork 1 and 2
Maven Archetypes
Plugin - CDI CDI support in Struts 2
Plugin - CodeBehind The CodeBehind Plugin now includes Annotations and Zero Config code.
Plugin - Config Browser
Plugin - Convention The Convention plugin (merge between Smart URLs, CodeBehind and Zero-Config)
Plugin - Dojo Tags
Plugin - DWR Integration with DirectWebRemoting
Plugin - Embedded JSP
Plugin - JasperReports
Plugin - Java Templates
Plugin - JFreeChart JFreeChart plugin
Plugin - JSON
Plugin - JUnit JUnit test case
Plugin - Mechanism
Plugin - OVal OVal support
Plugin - Portlet
Plugin - REST
Plugin - SiteGraph
Plugin - SiteMesh SiteMesh support for Struts 2
Plugin - Spring
Plugin - Tags The S2 tags are being migrated to a plugin per WW-2278
Plugin - TestNG TestNG test case
Plugin - Tiles
Unit Tests
Value Stack
XML Configuration
XML Validators