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The load of properties file doesnt show the Exception obtained if exist a problem with Unicode character

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    • When loading Struts2 in the Web Application

    • Please solve this problem, i'm sure that i'm not the only one using Unicode characters in properties file, and this situation took me 3 days for be solved....


      When loading a properties file for use with the Text tag or with getText inside the Action, if a Unicode character has a problem the total content of the file is not loaded and they are not available for use. The problem is that the error found in the load is nowhere seen.

      Please help her in situations like that show up in the load the error you get.

      When trying to load manually the properties Java file throws the message "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Malformed \ uxxxx encoding"

      Please help you so that when there are problems loading the properties file, messages will be generated in the log



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