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Support professional development in a structured way




      Provide documentation and sample code, perhaps following the style (and sample case) of Getting Started tutorials (1), for professional development, covering all aspects of real day-by-day development: professional login, professional data access, professional paging, professional structure of the application (packages, namespaces...), etc...

      Pretty much like an advanced how-to, but pointing to all tasks that certainly will be present in a professional project. Best practices will also be explained here as well as common web patterns implementation with struts2.

      A sample application ready-to-extend should be provided, which will be fully usable as a starting point for a professional project. It could also be instantiated as a maven archetype.

      There already exists documentation and sample code in Struts site but it is spread out along different sections (how-to, specialized section, guides, archetypes... ); the point here is to provide professional guidance in a easy-to-access and structured way for Struts2 newcomers, and even newcomers to Java web development in general.

      It would be great to have the best existing documentation of struts hosted in the Struts2 site itself, covering the full range from "just arrived" to ready-to-use code and documentation for real life projects. The framework is great, the point is to make professional development easier to understand and implement for java web developers.

      (1) http://struts.apache.org/release/2.3.x/docs/getting-started.html


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