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Make OgnlValueStack and OgnlValueStackFactory More Extensible



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      I'm not trying to reopen XW-613 and have taken the advice from the mailing list seriously about not just requesting changes to the default behavior or log levels.


      Instead, I'd like to propose changing some private methods in OgnlValueStack to be protected so that developers can more easily extend OgnlValueStack to implement their desired logging/warning/exception behavior for their application.

      I'd like to propose that the following methods in OgnlValueStack (currently private in scope) should be changed to protected:

      protected void handleRuntimeException(String expr, Object value, boolean throwExceptionOnFailure, RuntimeException re)
      protected void handleOgnlException(String expr, Object value, boolean throwExceptionOnFailure, OgnlException e)
      protected void setupExceptionOnFailure(boolean throwExceptionOnFailure)
      protected Object handleOtherException(String expr, boolean throwExceptionOnFailure, Exception e)
      protected Object handleOgnlException(String expr, boolean throwExceptionOnFailure, OgnlException e)
      protected boolean shouldLogNoSuchPropertyWarning(OgnlException e)
      protected Object findInContext(String name)

      Additionally, to enable the OgnlValueStackFactory to be easily extended to return any overridden OgnlValueStack implementations, the currently private data members should be given protected getters:

         protected XWorkConverter getXworkConverter()
            return xworkConverter;
         protected CompoundRootAccessor getCompoundRootAccessor()
            return compoundRootAccessor;
         protected TextProvider getTextProvider()
            return textProvider;
         protected Container getContainer()
            return container;
         protected boolean isAllowStaticMethodAccess()
            return allowStaticMethodAccess;

      This would allow developers like myself to more easily extend and override behavior to better fit our own desired notification levels. For example, these changes would allow me to set it up to provide info level warnings in the log file while suppressing the exception that gets thrown.

      Protected level scope ensures that my custom extensions can more easily inherit bug fixes and behavior changes from future versions.





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