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The refreshOnShow attribute in tabbedPanel does not work

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    • 2.0.5
    • 2.0.6
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      Just upgrate my current project from 2.0.1 to 2.0.5, but unfortunately the new div which is used to replace previous panel tag does not run correctly based on the document:
      refreshOnShow : Content will be loaded when div becomes visible, used only inside tabbedPanel

      it does not work, I modify the example example3.jsp under struts2-showcase-2.0.5\ajax\tabbedpanel,

      <s:tabbedPanel id="test2" theme="ajax" cssStyle="width: 500px; height: 300px;" doLayout="true">
      <s:div theme="ajax" id="left" label="left" refreshOnShow="true" >
      This is the left pane<br/>
      <s:form >
      <s:textfield name="tt" label="Test Text" /> <br/>
      <s:textfield name="tt2" label="Test Text2" />
      <s:div theme="ajax" href="%

      {ajaxTest}" id="ryh1" label="remote one" refreshOnShow="true"/>
      <s:div theme="ajax" id="middle" label="middle" refreshOnShow="true">
      middle tab<br/>
      <s:form >
      <s:textfield name="tt" label="Test Text44" /> <br/>
      <s:textfield name="tt2" label="Test Text442" />
      <s:div theme="ajax" href="%{ajaxTest}

      " id="ryh21" label="remote right" refreshOnShow="true"/>

      The attribute refreshOnShow does not affect anything. The two remote tabs always return the same result

      BTW: in the release note, why I don't see any places talk about the removal of panel tag.

      2.0.5 is a great improve comparing with 2.0.1(I check out the code everyday but no time to test it, because it is quite often the build progress is broken), as what I see on the screen effect and performance, but unfortunately refreshOnShow feature is key functionality to my project, so I just rollback to 2.0.1, hope this can be solved soon then I can enjoy the new features.



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