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Showcase Examples Broken



    • Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • 2.0.2
    • 2.0.6
    • Core Actions
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      Tags / UI Tags / TimePicker

      • Is there a way to specify now? "Today" sets the value to midnight.
      • The DE and NL versions do not seem to be internationalized in any way.

      Validation / Field Validators - client-side with JavaScript

      • Submit a blank form, then add requried fields, and submit again. After the roundtrip, the String Length validator field sees an empty string as a value and will prompt for a entry, even though an entry is not required. The non-JavaScript version does not have this problem.

      Validation / Ajax

      • Does not complete example on submit


      Hangman / Ajax

      • Doesn't recongize win or loss.


      See WW-1548
      Continuation - continuations/guess.action

      • pause doesn't pause and the example runs through all the guesses on the first execution

      See WW-1554

      • Ajax, Selected letters not displayed.

      See WW-1559
      Tags / UI Tags

      • The optiontransferselect control and tooltip features are raising the javascript error "Could not load 'dojo.event.connect'; last tried '_package_.js'" at dojo.js line 94 "

      See WW-1571
      Prefix example

      • redirect-action throws a null pointer exception

      See WW-1572 (Only a quirk)
      Store across request using MessageStoreInterceptor (Example)

      • The action values are not retained, which is confusing. S
      • Store-across values to go wih the messages would be nice.



      • ajax/remotelink/
        • Update 'Div 1', use custom loading message
        • A simple DIV that updates every 2 seconds, with indicator
          The update happens so fast that the "custom loading message" or "indicator" is not visible


      • Editing an Skill Name creates a new Skill (is that the intention?)
      • Is there a delete? or is this a CRU example?


      • Seems to upload "empty" files when box is left empty.

      Tags / UI Tags / Date Example - /tags/non-ui/date.jsp

      • View Sources doesn't work for Configuration or Java Action
        • The configuration is in the default namespace, which might be confusing the tab code
        • The Action is brought in by executeResult, which would be invisible to the Java Action tag

      Validation / Field Validators

      • Date validation message prompt to enter 01-01-1990 max 01-01-2000 but only accepts dd/mm/yyyy (slashes)

      File Download

      • The example presents the Struts logo which displays correctly, but perhaps a better choice would be a file that prompts a download.


      Ajax Chat

      • Initialization takes much longer.
      • Operations seem to return a blank screen at first, but sometimes work afterwards.
      • In 2.0.1, at seemingly arbitrary intervals, thows "There is no Action mapped for action name chat/ajax/usersAvailable." But otherwise seemed to work.

      AJAX Example

      • org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /ajax/autocompleter/index.jsp(19,0) According to the TLD or the tag file, attribute list is mandatory for tag autocompleter


      • org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /ajax/remoteforms/index.jsp(62,4) Attribute afterLoading invalid for tag submit according to TLD


      • Dojo button bar is not loading.

      AJAX example / Remote Forms

      • The examples involving replacing content on the page are returning blank values: 2, 4, 5, 6.
      • Examples 1 and 3 seem fine.
      • /ajax/datepicker/
        • The HTML source is littered with spurious table elements (<td>, <tr>) and redundant dojo.requires statements.

      Execute and Wait - wait/index.jsp

      • The first time I went through the examples, it seemed fine. But when I tried it again, the wait page didn't display.
      • Struts 2.0.1 has the same problem.

      FileUpload - fileupload/doUpload.action

      • Returns "File cannot be empty" even if file is selected

      Person Manager

      • Create returns: No result defined for action org.apache.struts2.showcase.person.NewPersonAction and result input
      • List returns: No result defined for action org.apache.struts2.showcase.person.ListPeopleAction and result success

      Tags/ Non UI Tags / If example (freemarker)

      • freemarker version doesn't wrap #26 through #33, they run together as a paragraph
      • (In 2.0.1, both versions ran everything together.)

      Tags/ UI Tags / Input Example (both) - tags/ui/example!input.action

      • birthday field missing and not linked to control
      • color blank, picture blank

      Tags / UI Tags/ Tree / Static

      • Debug messages from Dojo are printing: DEBUG: DEPRECATED: dojo.widget.Editor is replaced by dojo.widget.Editor2 – will be removed in version: 0.5
        DEBUG: DEPRECATED: addParseTreeHandler . ParseTreeHandlers are now reserved for components. Any unfiltered DojoML tag without a ParseTreeHandler is assumed to be a widget – will be removed in version: 0.5


      • All examples throw null pointer exception on submit


      • Validation messages "stack up" on resubmit
      • Submit button is at top left rather than bottom right


      • The age ranger works, name doesn't,

      Conversion / Address

      • Submiting an address doesn't seem to do anything.

      Conversation / Java5 Enum

      • Selecting any combination of operations yields a blank screen.
        Invalid field value for field "selectedOperations".

      Tags / UI Tags

      • This datepicker is broken, but other examples seem OK (except WW-1559)


      • conversion/enterAddressesInfo.action
        • Submitting an address returns a blank page
      • conversion/submitOperationEnumInfo.action
        • Select an operation returns: Invalid field value for field "selectedOperations".
        • Selecting no operation returns a blank page.

      Person Manager

      • The Other Skills comboox doesn't accept the selected item, and there is a bogus entry at the bottom of the list.

      Tags / UI Tags / Tree / Static | Dynamic

      • Debug messages from Dojo are printing: FATAL exception raised: Could not load 'struts.widget.DatePicker'; last tried '_package_.js'
        • The DatePicker pages don't have this message.

      Validation / JavaScript

      • The JavaScript validation does not seem to be working at all.


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