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Session replication problem using clustered servers with weblogic



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    • 2.0.0
    • 2.0.0
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    • HP - UX , weblogic 81 SP 5, using one cluster of 4 servers.

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      Hi, I have a doubt about the way which struts update the ActionForm's fields when that form already exist, this, because
      I have some problems with replicated sessions in a weblogic cluster, let me explain in detail:

      weblogic replicates a session (update changes for example) only when there is a call to the setAttribute Method of
      javax.servlet.http.HttpSession, but what happens if one of the objects attached with that session is updated by
      reference without calling the setAttribute method .. , in this case, weblogic won't perform an update of the object state,
      so, if i want to complete the request in other server of my cluster, that information is not updated ..

      this situation, i think, happens with the ActionForms ... is there only one call to the setAttribute method (when that form is new) ?, so, when it exist, only the fields are updated (by reference), but there isn't a call to the setAttribute method in the processPopulate method of RequestProcesor .. I checked the source code, but I didn't find anything..

      have you already seen something like that?,
      Thanks for your help.




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