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      Summary :
      1/ New connector
      2/ Licence problem ?
      3/ Advices and remarks
      4/ URLLoader vs. HTTPService
      5/ Others

      I have developed a as3/flex connector for Wookie. There is still many things to improve, but it is on a working state now, that is why I decided to post it on JIRA.

      I will send a new version in the next days, with more documentation and a few improvements.
      One of these improvments would be to add an iFrame component inside the Flex application "Example" to display widget instances. However it is about a particular component that doesn't come from standard flex libraries. This component is available at http://code.google.com/p/flex-iframe/ I would like to know, if I will not have any problem with Apache by using this component, since I want to grant Apache rights on my/the code.

      I have some ideas about potential as3/flex connector improvment. Nonetheless, I will enjoy advices and remarks from the community
      I is impossible to respect the same class interfaces and class organisation with as3 because of programming language constraints. We can't have abstract class for example. We can't methods sharing the same name and having different parameter types (except by using default parameter value). etc...
      I couldn't succeed in developing a synchronous URLLoader oder HTTPService, something equivalent to HttpUrlConnection. If somebody knows a solution, I would be grateful.
      Else do you think it is better to use URLLoader or HTTPService ? Code is using URLLoader actually. Calls return URLLoader as a consequence and access to the data property/attribute allows to access to right values. But I'm wondering me, if it hasn't more sense to use HTTPService and return ASyncToken (or connector project sub-classes) instead. If somebody has an opinion about that, please ?

      I advice you to use FlashDevelop, if you wish to compile sources. (It is efficient and free).

      Sorry. I have been afraied to reread what I wrote, that is why there must be some errors still



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