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MessageTest-1G, Woden lacks support for IRI with variable substitution used by HTTP location


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      MessageTest-1G contains the XML:



      This is a valid IRI, but Woden currently handles URIs only so it does not create a URI to represent this value in the model and issues the error message:

      Woden[Error],0:0,WSDL506,Could not create a URI from the string "?op=EchoInt;int={int}

      ;".,java.net.URISyntaxException:Illegal character in query at index 16: ?op=EchoInt;int=



      For HTTP location, a new Woden class is required, instead of java.net.URI. to represent this IRI and handle the variable substitution curly braces syntax described for this property in the Part 2 Adjucts spec. This class could convert the IRI to a URI per the conversion described in RFC 3987 'IRI' (at least, convert the curly braces) then use the URI ctor to check that it is a valid URI, then store it internally in whatever format is appropriate (e.g. seperate fields, string, ...) and expose the IRI via the public methods of this new class. This class probably needs a toString method to return the original IRI string value.


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