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Sven Meier <svenmeier@apache.org> committed c52f15fcec4a23c06bdf3de1587d29e6f38fc289 (1 file)
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WICKET-6348 small improvements
- check host component type
- getFormComponent() final
- new onError()
- support ListMultipleChoice

Sven Meier <svenmeier@apache.org> committed ef6288641971e5bc346e5515c67b57fb4fee3772 (1 file)
Sven Meier <svenmeier@apache.org> committed 16c0520c0e99ee4af16e93013d67ae55569332e2 (1 file)
Sven Meier <svenmeier@apache.org> committed f6a298a46d97168e35a787c8d889fd374560f757 (1 file)
Sven Meier <svenmeier@apache.org> committed c7f2b81e8bfbedc1cc37c66b256814a86eba69eb (1 file)
Sven Meier <svenmeier@apache.org> committed 7f08fab8fa4ab9146fb0504222bb354a8dd98b46 (19 files)
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WICKET-6348 move selection change into behavior

wicket-git WICKET-6348-selection-change
Sven Meier <svenmeier@apache.org> committed 15573cabcf44768fe2631bb9b4b6dcf5e2b2e494 (44 files)
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WICKET-6348 use submitter instead of hidden field

wicket-git WICKET-6348-selection-change
Sven Meier <svenmeier@apache.org> committed 24da5e48b3410ab46dced342cdd08a15831069bc (1 file)
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WICKET-6347 renderer might be null
if #newEditor() doesn't create AbstractChoice, the renderer might actually be null

Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov <mgrigorov@apache.org> committed 8a4e1b3c24f4ce1fc3e44ca1b5a9230158d9b584 (1 file)
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WICKET-6336 Make SessionEntry#removePage(IManageablePage) synchronized.
Access to #sessionCache field must be synchronized.

Reported privately by Louis-Philippe Querel (and FindBugs).

Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov <mgrigorov@apache.org> committed 3179d34971878dc7755b629baf459d1a494601d7 (1 file)
Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov <mgrigorov@apache.org> committed 9939ede1897a63c87dc6609ad53ddf29c7eb677f (1 file)
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WICKET-6286 Make AjaxDownload#getLocation() non-final so applications can calculate the location dynamically

Sven Meier <svenmeier@apache.org> committed b53c7921d0f2abf8166dd471668b75a2ec8c706e (1 file)