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Add Development Mode dashboard widget when deployed in development mode


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.3.0-beta1
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      It is considered bad practise to deploy your wicket application in development mode in a production environment. Because several features beneficial to development will make an application behave less than optimal when confronted with lots of users and requests.

      The idea is to extend the Wicket Ajax Debug link and make it a full fledged panel that is always visible when working in development mode. There will not be a setting to turn this off. If someone wants to have the development features available in a production environment, these can be enabled using the settings object.

      Another idea, thanks to Korbinian Bachl is to add the Inspector Bug to this widget, to enable introspection of the components on the page.

      The widget should be movable (so it does not obscure other markup elements), and it should have a hide link to enable screen shots whilst still in development mode (very useful when writing articles and books).

      A screen shot for this feature can be seen attached to this issue.

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