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[datetime] Make DateConverter focus on joda-time.DateTime instead of util.Date


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.3.0-beta1
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      I beleive the Wicket-datetime package was designed to be used with joda-time DateTime objects. It was also desirable to apply the "better" parsing/toString features of DateTime to util.Date objects. To that end, the attached patch improves the focus of the Converter to be DateTime oriented, while still allowing the DateTextField to hold util.Dates in it's model.

      The main idea of this patch is to make this package work with DateTime objects with very little effort on the developer's part. If they want to take advantage of the improved parsing, etc then it should take minimal effort.

      See http://www.nabble.com/-datetime--DateConverter-tf3233793.html for a brief history of this conversation.

      1. datetime_patch.txt
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        Chuck Deal
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