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isVisible() and determineVisibility() don't work as expected on component in BorderBodyContainer


    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Minor
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    • Affects Version/s: 6.0.0-beta1
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    • Component/s: wicket
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      Ubuntu 12.04, java7


      I have an application that has a foldable left bar (somewhat like jQuery's accordeon). The menu-panels are implemented as Borders; see the next fragment. The problem I have is that components that are placed in this border do not correctly reflect the visibily of the bodycontainer -> if the bodycontainer is invisible, I expect the component inside that container to be invisible as well.

      I need this, as the component in the container acts as EventSink. I use events to notify the component to dynamically update itself by ajax. But when the event is passed and the component is invisible, there is no outputMarkupId and I get an Wicket Ajax Error (this is correct behaviour).

      public class AjaxToggleLinkBorder extends Border

      private static final long serialVersionUID = -5801550490420643837L;
      protected boolean bodyVisible = false;

      final public boolean isBodyVisible()

      { return bodyVisible; }

      final public void setBodyVisible( final boolean isBodyVisible )

      { this.bodyVisible = isBodyVisible; getBodyContainer().setVisible( isBodyVisible() ); }

      public AjaxToggleLinkBorder( final String id, final IModel linkText )
      super( id );
      setBodyVisible( isBodyVisible() );

      setOutputMarkupId( true );

      final AjaxFallbackLink<Void> link = new AjaxFallbackLink<Void>( "link" )
      private static final long serialVersionUID = 3540373588573135540L;

      public void onClick( final AjaxRequestTarget target )

      { setBodyVisible( !isBodyVisible() ); target.add( AjaxToggleLinkBorder.this ); }

      link.add( new Label( "label", linkText ) );
      addToBorder( link );

      I add components line this:

      final Border infoBorder = new AjaxToggleLinkBorder( "infoBorder", new Model<String>( "Info" ) );
      infoBorder.getBodyContainer().add( new AmountLabel( "total", tp.newTotalModel() ) );
      infoBorder.getBodyContainer().add( new Label( "numberOfTransactions", tp.newSizeModel() )
      public void onEvent( final IEvent<?> event )
      super.onEvent( event );

      // check if this is a counter update event and if so repaint self
      if ( event.getPayload() instanceof CategoryUpdate )
      final CategoryUpdate update = (CategoryUpdate) event.getPayload();
      final boolean isVisible = this.determineVisibility();
      if ( update.getTarget() != null && isVisible )

      { update.getTarget().add( this ); }


      } );

      The boolean isVisible is true, while the bodycontainer is not.


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