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AbstractResourceAggregatingHeaderResponse does not order javascript properly


    • Type: Bug Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.5.1
    • Fix Version/s: 1.5.3
    • Component/s: wicket


      I decided to give AbstractResourceAggregatingHeaderResponse a try but I found a problem in its design that, I think, makes it unusable.

      How it works:
      1-the IHeaderResponse#renderJavaScriptReference(ResourceReference) methods are intercepted and the resource references are stored in a list and not rendered right away. Each resource ref is assigned a key for grouping.

      2-When close() is called on the response, the aggregator writes out all the accumulated resource references which have not been rendered yet. This step can be used to group multiple resources into a single merged resource.

      The problem:
      AbstractResourceAggregatingHeaderResponse does not intercept calls to IHeaderResponse#renderJavaScriptReference(url) or IHeaderResponse#renderJavaScript(Script). They are directly executed by the underlying response.

      AbstractDefaultAjaxBehavior#renderHead() does the following :

      With the non-aggregating header response, the Wicket .js ref script tags are rendered in the markup before the inline javascript code and all is well.
      With the aggregating version, the Wicket js resource references are rendered last (in close()). This means that the inline javascript code (which uses Wicket.Ajax) is executed before the Wicket .js files are loaded, causing a javascript error (Wicket is undefined).

      This problem also applies to css resource references because order of inclusion is important for them too.

      Short of a big refactor to force each rendered javascript to list its dependencies, I don't see how this problem can be solved. I opened this ticket primarily to share my findings and let people comment on possible solutions other than removing the code.

      The problem is also present in AbstractDependencyRespectingResourceAggregatingHeaderResponse.

      wiQuery uses AbstractResourceAggregatingHeaderResponse, but resolves the issue by intercepting all renderJavaScript* methods and keeping their order.

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