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Wicket 1.5 violates servlet standard, Glassfish spews warnings



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    • 1.5-RC5.1
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      This seems to be a re-occurance of WICKET-1816.

      Deploying wicket-examples to Glassfish produces tens of warnings on each request in the server log with the following text:
      WARNING: PWC4011: Unable to set request character encoding to UTF-8 from context /wicket-examples, because request parameters have already been read, or ServletRequest.getReader() has already been called

      According to Glassfish faq http://wikis.sun.com/display/glassfish/FaqWebAppUnableToSetRequestCharEncoding:
      This warning message means that the web container is complaining about the fact that the web application deployed at /your_webapp is trying to set the request encoding too late in the request's lifecycle, when it is impossible for the container to honor it.

      See the javadocs of javax.servlet.ServletRequest.setCharacterEncoding():

      This method must be called prior to reading request parameters or reading input using getReader(). Otherwise, it has no effect.

      The container issues a warning to let you know that a call to ServletRequest.setCharacterEncoding() by your_webapp has no effect and is being ignored, because one of the above conditions is met.

      To avoid this warning, your_webapp should move its invocation of ServletRequest.setCharacterEncoding() to an earlier stage, before it acquires any input reader from the request, or before it reads any request parameters. In case your_webapp is not responsible for this warning, one if its dependencies might be, in which case that library needs to be fixed.


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