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DateConverter improperly converts time, causing different results between DateField and DateTimeField



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.4.6
    • Fix Version/s: 1.5-RC1
    • Component/s: wicket-datetime
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      With a DateTimeField and a DateField in a wicket form, submit the following:

      DateTimeField: [ 11/06/2010 ] date, [ 0 ] hour, [ 0 ] min
      DateField: [ 11/06/2010 ] date

      Those should result in the same value. But look at the converted Date values, and you'll see this:

      dateTimeField: 2010-11-06T07:00:00Z
      dateField: 2010-11-06T23:00:00Z

      The dateTimeField value is what I'd expect - the UTC value of midnight in my timezone on 11/6/2010. It look like dateField is just wrong and that DateConverter isn't dealing with timezone conversions properly. Here's the scenario:

      • Server OS, Java, and Database are all configured to use UTC timezone.
      • Web client is configured in America/Los_Angeles timezone (currently UTC-08:00, or PST).
      • Currently logged in member has profile configured to use America/Los_Angeles timezone.
      • Application WebClientInfo has timezone set from the user's profile, like such:

      ClientInfo ci = Session.get().getClientInfo();

      Anywhere that dates are handled in the application with DateLabel or DateTimeField, they seem to be properly converted by Wicket to and from America/Los_Angeles time to UTC time for storage in the database. Examining the database shows a 7 or 8 hour difference between the time in the UI and the time in the database (depending on DST or not).

      However, when using org.apache.wicket.extensions.yui.calendar.DateField, dates are getting converted/persisted incorrectly. I just traced through DateConverter.convertToObject() to see what was happening. Assume it is currently 2010-12-10 00:43 PST(-8). My client timezone is set to PST (-8), as is my profile timezone. I specify 2010-11-06 in the DateField. It does this:

      1. Creates a Joda value using DateMidnight right now in UTC (the date/time right now in UTC, setting the time portion to midnight UTC. This will be a time before now, not after now, as midnight is the first instant of a day, not the last instant of a day). 2010-12-10T00:00:00Z

      2. Converts this Joda value to the client's timezone. 2010-12-09T16:00:00-08:00

      3. Joda parses the submitted text value into the Joda value. 2010-11-06T16:00:00-07:00

      4. Converts the Joda value to the server's timezone. 2010-11-06T23:00:00Z

      The value should result in 2010-11-06T07:00:00Z, which converts to 2010-11-06T00:00:00-08:00, or midnight on 11/6 in the PST timezone, but it doesn't. Or am I missing something and there is a reason for this? It seems like a bug to me.


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