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IE 8 gets 404 error after continueToOriginalDestination() when app is at root context



    • Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Major
    • Resolution: Not A Problem
    • 1.4.9
    • 1.4.13, 1.5-M3
    • wicket
    • Occurs on both Windows and Linux
      Running Tomcat 6
      JDK 1.6


      After recommendation we recently switched wicket app from /content to / (root) context. App was working fine before but after switching to root context calls to continueToOriginalDestination give 404 errors in IE but continues to work perfectly in FireFox and Opera.

      Patch to fix the problem:

      I have provided a fix to PageMap's continueToOriginalDestination that fixes the problem on IE and continues to work fine on FireFox and Opera for all the tests I could throw at it.

      This patch breaks some unit tests - probably tests that the redirect occurs on the exact interceptContinuationURL that was originally provided, naturally after stripping off the leading '/' these would no longer work.

      This fix may cause problems when the web app is NOT in the root context but I'm not sure - they may be fine with this.

      public final boolean continueToOriginalDestination()
      // Get request cycle
      final RequestCycle cycle = RequestCycle.get();

      // If there's a place to go to
      if (interceptContinuationURL != null)

      { >> ADDED if ( interceptContinuationURL.length() > 0 && interceptContinuationURL.charAt(0) == '/' ) >> ADDED interceptContinuationURL = interceptContinuationURL.substring(1); cycle.setRequestTarget(new RedirectRequestTarget(interceptContinuationURL)); // Reset interception URL interceptContinuationURL = null; // Force session to replicate page maps dirty(); return true; }

      return false;


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