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hadoop/hbase configuration & active roles on a node


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      The following limitations exist with the generation of hadoop-(core|hdfs|mapred).xml and hbase-site.xml (assuming WHIRR-339 applied):

      • they are not generated by all roles (e.g. tasktracker, thrift server, ...), by consequence running these roles by themselves on a node unaccompagnied of a role that does generate them will not work.
      • running two roles on the same node that generate the same files does not work as it should, as the generated contents gets appended twice to the same file, causing non-well-formed XML. This is because of the usage of jcloud's Statements.appendFile.

      The cheapest solution would be to replace Statements.appendFile with something similar but without the 'append' behavior, thus rather a 'Statements.overwriteFile' (not available in jclouds afaics).

      This of course assumes that when different roles are writing the same files, that they put the same contents in them, so that the overwriting does not matter.

      Alternatively, things could be made smarter so that the same configuration is only generated once for all roles.


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