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Unwritable velocity.log appears to cause Velocity initialization to fail, leaving velocity dead and useless.


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.6.2
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      When we upgraded to 1.6.2 from 1.5.0, we began experiencing failures:

      Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
      at org.apache.velocity.runtime.RuntimeInstance.getTemplate(
      at org.apache.velocity.runtime.RuntimeSingleton.getTemplate(

      We eventually traced this back to Log4JChute attempting to create velocity.log in an unwritable $CWD.

      I realize you may or may not consider this a bug, as you may wish to have the system fail if it can't log. However, I couldn't even find any output indicating the initial failure to create velocity.log causing Velocity to fail to initialize.

      On a related note, is it possible to change the runtime.log default to BLANK so that velocity defaults to using a pre-existing log4j config if it exists?

      Although it's certainly an established tradition at this point, It seems a little backward to default to creating it's own log4j configuration - and a google search on velocity.log produces a very large number of people dealing with the problem of Velocity trying to create a velocity.log somewhere that doesn't work.


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        Comment [ may be this is related. The definition in of the velocity log is


        If using as VelocityService the default class

        you find in the method createVelocityProperties(..) (which is called when initializing) a condition:

        if (!key.endsWith(RESOURCE_LOADER_PATH) {... continue }

        and only after pathes are resolved relative to the web-app.

        If you consider this, then e.g defining runtime.log as above you end up (in may case) with a log in C:/log/velocity.log.

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