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Switch to a better log system - slf4j


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      Since I'm still very unhappy with the current logging workaround in velocity, I
      removed the complete velocity logsystem stuff and replaced it with slf4j (see ; So, the final thing
      is a little bit smaller and should be wrt. logging easier to use (i.e. no need
      for passing runtime svc handles back and forth just to be able to log
      something), much faster, safer and more precise and powerful than the old one...

      In case your are interested, I'll attach the patch made against the saturday
      evening svn repository. It basically contains the log changes as well as some
      code cleaning (i.e. remove/comment out unsed vars/methods, removed unneccessary
      casts as well as nested else clauses, removed throw XExceptions, which are
      actually not thrown). Finally I switched many into log.debug, since the
      appropriate messages are important for developers only and should not irritate
      the enduser (who usually doesn't even understand that freak language ).

      To get the thing running out of the box, I modified the buildfile to include in the jar, so that nlog4j aka log4j NG finds and uses it
      automatically, if one has not explictly configured it. And of course
      build/lib/log4j has been replaced with nlog4j (see


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