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      I write the new provisioning module for the KVM support.
      Basically, what I am doing is that, installed kvm in one of our blade and
      host OS is Fedora 11, kernel linux bits. So you can use command
      "qemu-system-x86_64" to run your virtual machine.

      1. Assuming your host machine has two Ethernet cards, eth0 is private
      network and eth1 is public network. You have to configure your host
      machine's network and setup bridges for each virtual machine.

      The configure procedure is following:

      ifconfig eth0 up
      ifconfig eth1 up
      modprobe 8021q
      vconfig add eth0 0
      vconfig add eth1 5
      brctl addbr br0
      brctl addbr br1
      brctl addif br0 eth0
      brctl addif br1 eth1
      ifconfig br0 yourPrivateIP/netmask up
      ifconfig br1 yourPublicIP/netmask up
      route add default gw yourDefaultGatewayIP br1
      modprobe kvm
      modprobe kvm-intel (for intel CPU)

      Finally, you have to copy the Management Node's public to the KVM host's
      authorized key repository, so vcld can login to the KVM host by key

      Now your host machine should be ready for receiving request from VCL.

      2. After configuring the KVM host machine, now you have change several
      things on the Management Node.

      Two files you have to add to your vcl provisioning directory, one is mac and
      the other is kvm.pm.

      mac is simple script to generate random mac address. My mac is following:

      echo -n $(echo -n 00:0C:29:C3; for i in `seq 1 2`;
      do echo -n `echo ":$RANDOM$RANDOM" | cut -n -c -3` ;done)

      <8/23/11 Andy Kurth - removed code from description. It has been attached to this issue as a file.>

      At last, add the kvm module into your vcl database, table "module" and
      "provisioning". Assign virtual machines to the kvm provisioning module. Now
      you can make a reservation to test KVM support.

      If you have any problems, please feel free to contact me.




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