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Marshall Schor committed 1784793 (4 files)
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[UIMA-5339] don't assume slf4j logger can be cast to location-aware version. Change UIMAFramework to display more info when it gets an exception trying to load the initial configuation. Change the places where logger-impls are doing message formatting to not rely on slf4j impl class, but instead use built-in Java MessageFormat.format(...).

Marshall Schor committed 1784791 (1 file)
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[UIMA-5324] include slf4j-jdk14 backend in binary builds

Peter Klügl committed 1784782 (1 file)
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UIMA-5336 - svn:ignore

Peter Klügl committed 1784780 (1 file)
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UIMA-5269 - svn:ignore

Peter Klügl committed 1784778 (2 files)
Peter Klügl committed 1784777 (1 file)
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UIMA-5269 - add module

Peter Klügl committed 1784775 (2 files)
Peter Klügl committed 1784750 (1 file)
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- exclude in report

Marshall Schor committed 1784629 (1 file)
Marshall Schor committed 1784625 (1 file)
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[UIMA-5324] support suppress logging for annotators. Also fix cache for loggers to be threadsafe.

Marshall Schor committed 1784618 (1 file)