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Component Lead Description
addons addon projects being released
addons-osgi OSGi wrapping of add-on annotators
Async Scaleout UIMA Async Scaleout framework
Build, Packaging and Test alally Adam Lally Issues related to our Maven 2 build process, including the assembly of releases. Also test issues.
C++ Framework eddie_epstein Eddie Epstein UIMA C++ framework
CAS Editor joern Joern Kottmann The CAS Editor annotation tool
Collection Processing alally Adam Lally Issues with UIMA Collection Processing Engine (uima-cpe.jar)
Core Java Framework alally Adam Lally Issues in the core UIMA Java framework (uimaj-core).
Documentation schor Marshall Schor
DUCC challngr Jim Challenger Distributed UIMA Cluster Computing Component
Eclipse plugins schor Marshall Schor Issues with Eclipse Plugins
Examples alally Adam Lally Issues with the UIMA examples.
InternalTools mbaessler Michael Baessler Component for UIMA internal Tools that will be used for the build and will not be shipped
Ruta pkluegl Peter Klügl Rule-based Text Annotation
Sandbox mbaessler Michael Baessler issues with sandbox components
Sandbox-AlchemyAPI Annotator AlchemyAPI Annotator Sandbox module
Sandbox-BSFAnnotator oterrier Olivier Terrier
Sandbox-CalaisAnnotator mbaessler Michael Baessler OpenCalais Annotator
Sandbox-CFE Apache UIMA Configurable Feature Extractor
Sandbox-DictionaryAnnotator mbaessler Michael Baessler DictionaryAnnotator Sandbox component
Sandbox-distr mbaessler Michael Baessler Sandbox distribution build
Sandbox-FsVariable twgoetz Thilo Goetz
Sandbox-GaleMultiModalExample burn Burn Lewis Type-system and sample code developed for the DARPA GALE project using multi-modal NLP analytics
Sandbox-Lucas joern Joern Kottmann
Sandbox-PearPackagingAntTask mbaessler Michael Baessler Sandbox project PEAR packaging Ant task
Sandbox-PearPackagingMavenPlugin mbaessler Michael Baessler
Sandbox-RegexAnnotator mbaessler Michael Baessler Regular Expression Annotator Sandbox component
Sandbox-SimpleServer twgoetz Thilo Goetz
Sandbox-SimpleUimaAsService tong.fin Tong Fin SimpleUimaAsService is an add-on to SimpleServer for UIMA-AS
Sandbox-SnowballAnnotator mbaessler Michael Baessler
Sandbox-Solrcas Solr Cas Consumer
Sandbox-Tagger twgoetz Thilo Goetz
Sandbox-TikaAnnotator joern Joern Kottmann Tika Annotator
Sandbox-WhitespaceTokenizer mbaessler Michael Baessler Whitespace Tokenizer Sandbox component
Tools alally Adam Lally Issues with the UIMA tooling, not including the eclipse plugins. (uima-tools.jar)
Transport Adapters - SOAP, Vinci alally Adam Lally Issues with the UIMA remote transport adapters.
uimaFIT rec Richard Eckart de Castilho uimaFIT
uimaFIT-Maven-Plugin rec Richard Eckart de Castilho uimaFIT Maven plugin
Website schor Marshall Schor Issues related to the http://incubator.apache.org/uima Website