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dd2spring should always ignore the scaleout value for sync UIMA-AS DDs



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      This is about dd2spring treatment of the scaleout element, in one particular unusual use case. DD2Spring already has code to ignore the scaleout value, if the top-level-aggregate is marked "async=true". This is because that scaleout is only applicable for the case where async=false, and uima-as is scaling the top-level-aggregate by having multiple threads (= pipelines) replicating the top level aggregate.

      When async=true, the scaleout element is ignored, because uima-as will be (potentially) scaling out each async delegate separately.

      The use case here is all about "defaulting" the async=true/false. The current dd2spring code, if no specification is made for async=, defaults to async=false, unless the deployment descriptor has individual specs for the delgates, in which case it defaults to async=true. For this last case, dd2spring is missing the the code to ignore the scaleout parameter (if set > 1). This Jira is to add that check for that use case.

      It lets the scaleout value change the caspool size when the async attribute is defaulted to true (because the delegates element is specified, which implies async="true")
      The current dd2spring code correctly ignores the scaleout element when the async attribute is explicitly set to "true" ... and it needs to do the same when the default is "true".




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