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UIMA-AS: Cas Multiplier service doesnt recover from broker restart



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    • 2.9.0AS
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      After broker restart the top level UIMA-AS service Cas Multiplier does not recover completely. The jms listener on an input queue recovers fine, but a listener on a temp queue processing FreeCas requests does not.

      The temp queue is created on a service startup. When a broker is bounced, this temp queue is no longer valid as it was created using an old broker connection. The listener on this temp queue just keeps logging rapidly filling a log. All outgoing child CASes contain a stale replyTo queue and such CASes are never freed by the service leading to an empty Cas Pool eventually.

      There is no auto recovery of temp queues. A listener on a temp queue must be shutdown and instantiated again.

      When a lost connection is detected, the service must:
      1) invalidate its listener on a temp queue (FreeCas queue)
      2) all unacknowledged child CASes that have been dispatched to a client must be automatically released.
      3) a new temp queue should be created along with a listener for it.

      When UIMA-AS client is unable to send FreeCas requests to a service due to a stale queue, it should log a message with a CAS Id and complete processing the CAS.




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