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Provide simple mechanism to capture all CASes input to specified delegate


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      The existing approach to capturing CASes sent to a component is to insert a new CAS-serializer-annotator just before it in the flow, or modify the component itself to serialize CASes. Both of these approaches require modifications to existing code and/or component descriptors, are somewhat time consuming and error prone.

      A much simpler approach is to just "turn on" CAS logging for a particular component using Java properties before starting the process, or to turn CAS logging on/off for an already running process using JMX operations.

      This issue covers using Java properties to turn on CAS logging for any delegate of an asynchronous aggregate.

      CAS logging would be controlled by the following properties:

      UIMA_CASLOG_BASE_DIRECTORY - optional; this is the directory under which other directories with XmiCas files will be created. If not specified, the processes current directory will be the base.

      UIMA_CASLOG_COMPONENT_ARRAY - This is a space separated list of delegates keys. If a delegate is nested inside a co-located async aggregate, the name would include the key name of the aggregate, e.g. "someAggName/someDelName". The XmiCas files will then be written into $UIMA_CASLOG_BASE_DIRECTORY/someAggName/someDelName/

      UIMA_CASLOG_TYPE_NAME - optional; this is the name of a FeatureStructure in the CAS containing a unique string to use the name each XmiCas file. If not specified, XmiCas file name will be NNN.xmi, where NNN is the time in microseconds since the component was initialized.

      UIMA_CASLOG_FEATURE_NAME - optional unless if the TYPE_NAME is specified; this parameter gives the string feature to use. An example of type and feature names to use would be "org.apache.uima.examples.SourceDocumentInformation" and "uri".




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