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Component Lead Description
Build System Issues pertaining to the build system and related infrastructure
C++ SCA Interop
C++ SCA Kernel
C++ SCA Modules
C++ SCA Old / Contrib
C++ Specification
C++ Website
Java DAS Documentation
Java DAS Samples
Java DAS XQuery XQuery DAS
Java SCA Android Integration
Java SCA Assembly Model
Java SCA ATOM Binding Extension
Java SCA Axis Binding Extension
Java SCA BPEL Implementation Extension
Java SCA Community Ideas This is a component that holds ideas from the Tuscany community to add interesting features into Java SCA. It can be used to categorize proposals for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) as well as small things for newcomer to grab.
Java SCA CXF Binding Extension
Java SCA Databinding-SDO Databinding module for SDO Java types
Java SCA Demos
Java SCA Documentation
Java SCA EJB Binding Extension
Java SCA Equinox Integration
Java SCA Groovy Implementation Extension
Java SCA HTTP Binding
Java SCA Integration Tests
Java SCA Java Implementation Extension
Java SCA JMS Binding Extension Links component references and services to a JMS broker
Java SCA JPA Extension
Java SCA JSON-RPC Binding Extension
Java SCA Misc Binding Extensions
Java SCA Misc Implementation Extensions
Java SCA OSGi Integration
Java SCA Policy
Java SCA Problem Determination
Java SCA RSS Binding Extension
Java SCA Samples
Java SCA Script Implementation Extension
Java SCA Spring Implementation Extension
Java SCA Tools
Java SCA Travel Sample
Java SCA Tutorial
Java SCA Verification Tests kwilliams Kevin Williams This test suite verifies the implementation against the SCA specification set
Java SCA Web App Integration
Java SCA Widget
Java SCA XQuery Implementation Extension
Java SDO Community Test Suite kgoodson Kelvin Goodson A place for tracking the development of tests designed to ensure the compliance of SDO Java implementations to the SDO specification (initially at spec level 2.1).
Java SDO Implementation
Java SDO Samples
Java SDO Tools
Java Spec APIs
Maven Plugins Plugins we provide for Maven
OASIS Compliance - OASIS
OASIS Compliance - TUSCANY
SCA Java Domain Manager
SCA Java Runtime
Website Issues related to the website or to the tools used to generate it